Is your company looking for a guest house that can cater for you long term stay in Kuruman.

Long term stays in Kuruman can get expensive very quickly and finding a place that has the necessary facilities without breaking the bank can be a headache. We can give you a custom quote that just might surprise you. We have a number of different types of rooms that will fit the single person or up to 7 people in one unit. Making it much more affordable in the long run. We can also cater for you team’s meals. 


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Going on the road for either business or pleasure is tiring ordeal usually and thus booking the RIGHT accommodation is really important.

Most people go after price which is only logical, but there is really more to it than just going for the cheapest room or establishment. First thing is to be honest with yourself : What do I need? What do I like? How much am I really willing to spend? Sounds very simple but unfortunately those three basic questions get completely forgotten sometimes. We live in a era where the days of going through the phone book to find a place is long forgotten. The internet gives us the chance not only to find pretty much every establishment in every town, but also a lot more info about these establishments. Most establishment have their own websites or are at least listed on various online travel agencies. So now we have a chance to not only have a idea what facilities the establishment has to offer but also what it looks like. The problem now is most online travel agencies shows a list of the establishment with a price next to it. Almost always that price is for the cheapest room they have and also it is shown as per person sharing. The mistake most people make is now they forget the three simple questions mentioned earlier… they go straight for that cheapest room.

Let’s bring it down to three types of people: The Backpacker : The Casual : The Picky One . Now that we have our three types we can go over there needs.
The Backpacker is like you would have guessed happy with almost everything. As long as he/she has a clean bed and bathroom he is sorted. His/her main concern would be price. So it is obvious that the cheapest room would be a 100% match for him/her.
The Casual is someone who is does not care if the linen used is not Egyptian cotton. He/she just wants a comfortable and call it semi-luxurious setting that has everything needed. The cheapest room will not necessarily be a perfect match for The Casual. Thus a little more research will needs to be done ensuring The Casual gets a room that suits his/her needs and the budget.
The Picky One needs a room that fits them 100%. He/she will need a room that is up to a certain standard and meets all their specific requirements. Obviously the cheapest room will almost always never fit them. Luxury rooms will be the minimum choice and a Executive room would be a better fit in most cases.

Most people will be able to associate with one of theses types and should really be honest with themselves before booking a room. We can safely assume that all establishments are happy when they have happy clients. That is why most establishments try to give us a choice by having more than one type of room. Budget, Standard. Luxury and Executive rooms are common labels today and should give you an idea of what they have to offer.

As a perfect example using the image below – For only R110 more you could have gotten the Executive room when booking for 2 people.

Standard RoomExecutive Room
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